Welcome to BitcoinRocket

✓ 100% Safe and Secure Smart Contract
✓ Limited Coin Supply – No Mint, No Burn Function
✓ Automated Taxing Protocol
✓ LP Burned
✓ Smart Chain Ecosystem
✓ Community Driven With Active Developer Team

BitcoinRocket's Ecosystem

Bitcoinrocket(BTCR) is a (BTC Meme) social experiment deflationary token created under binance smart chain. Just like BITCOIN, it has limited supply of 21M. Unique feature of Bitcoinrocket(BTCR) is the power of frictionless staking reward system that gives the oppurtunity to mine additional token to all strong holders and punish all the weak hands by way of automated taxing protocol.
By this processes, the current problem of BITCOIN through Proof of Work(Mining) has been solved, and the chances of price appreciation is inevitable.

Automated Taxing Protocol

We’ve implemented a 3% tax on every (Buy/Sell/Transfer) transactions.


Use Cases

1% Auto-added Liquidity. On every transaction, we burn tokens and add them to liquidity pool which gradually decrease coin supply overtime making the price higher in the near future.


1% Auto-staking reward distribution to all token holders. Holders earn additional BTCR tokens by holding them inside their respective crypto wallet.


1% Auto-contribution directly into Bitcoinrocket's charity fund address. (80% of the 1% will be given away as a donation or help for our community holders hourly via "decentralized lottery draw" (coming soon) and 20% will be consolidated daily for 30days and be given to any local or international agency or country as a help or donation.

Our Goal


Our Community:

Bitcoinrocket community exists to help each other as one big family by taking our rocket to the moon.



To become one of the best and most innovative platforms that bridges people from centralized into decentralized ecosystem.



To reward diamond hands the benefit of Proof of Stake (POS) as this will be compounded to their port and increase their current holdings in no time.


How To Buy $BTCR?

Our project is based on Binance Smart Chain. You can use Metamask or Trust Wallet for exchanging our token on pancakeswap decentralized exchange. Below are the steps (guide) on how to buy it.

Step 1
Step 1

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications, then purchase Binance Token (BNB) to any DEX or CEX and send them to your wallet.

Step 2
Step 2

On your MetaMask or Trust Wallet App open the DAPP browser and paste this link: BNB/BTCR PancakeSwap link (Official Smart Contract Address: 0x0c4253706d69efa475d05674e810805c6e7da238)

Step 3
Step 3

A popup will open, click the check box “I understand”,  and this will load Bitcoinrocket($BTCR) into PancakeSwap.

Step 4
Step 4

Set the slippage to 3 or 4 and then input your desired $BTCR token amount to exchange. Then press "Swap".

Step 5
Step 5

The $BTCR Token will be added to your wallet instantly. Welcome to our Community and Enjoy!




Decimals: 9
Total Coin Supply: 21000000
Smart Contract: 0x0c4253706d69efa475d05674e810805c6e7da238
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain



Pancakeswap LP: 70.23%
Dev. Team: 15%
Ads/Promotion: 5%
Reserved Token For Future Use (CEX listings etc): 5%
Airdrops: 1000000 BTCR (50000 USD)


Private Token Sale Report

Token on Sold: 159398.73967261 BTCR
HardCap: (Not Met)
PancakeSwap Listing Price: 0.050 USD
BNB LP: 10.78 BNB
Token Locked @dxlocker: 14503401.4326 BTCR
Sale Duration: 3 days

our roadmap

2021 and beyond

✓ Project Conceptualization

✓ Core Team Initialization

✓ Smart Contract Created and Deployed

✓ Website launched

✓ Social Media Channels Created

✓ Airdrops Started

✓ Airdrops Ended with 9090 TG Members


✓ Private Token Sale Phase 1 Started

✓ 1st Airdrops Winners List Announced

✓ 2nd Airdrops Started

✓ 2nd Airdrop Ended with 34 Qualified Members.

✓ 3rd Airdrops Started.

✓ Private Token Sale Phase 1 Ended.

✓ Private Token Sale Phase 2 Ended.

✓ 3rd Airdrops Ended.

✓ Private Token Sale Phase 3 Ended.

✓ Launched on Pancakeswap.

✓ 1st Airdrops Successfully Distributed to 8416 Holders.


✓ Coinmarketcap  and Coingecko Listing Applied.

✓ 14,000,000 BTCR Burned.


✓ Bitcoinrocket Decentralized Exchange(DEX) (coming soon)
✓ White Paper (coming soon)
✓ Smart Contract Audit (coming soon)
✓ Listing (coming soon)
✓ Listing (coming soon)
✓ Listing (coming soon)
✓ Listing (coming soon)
✓ Decentralized Lottery App (coming soon)
✓ Renounce Smart Contract Ownership (coming soon)
✓ Bitcoinrocket Wallet App (coming soon)
✓ Bitcoinrocket Decentralized Exchange(coming soon)
✓ Smart Chain Testnet Launch (coming soon)
✓ Smart Chain Mainnet Launch (coming soon)

our team

We’re a small group of people working with love and passion on the project. We are 100% committed,  and have volunteered  to work on the project because we want to create a big mark on cryptocurrency space. Creating technologies that would uplift peoples lives is our main interest, bringing the beauty of cryptocurrency and it’s decentralized technologies. We all welcoming you for joining our greatest journey and most especially our beloved community. We’re here to stay and we’d love to see you grow financially and free.



Blockchain Developer and Crypto-Trader since 2015.

Frequently asked questions

Bitcoinrocket ($BTCR) Token is the future of Bitcoin ($BTC) . We can say that $BTC is now at his sunset and $BTCR is on his sunrise.  Both are identical that’s why we call it Bitcoin “meme”, yet the most powerful upgrade we’ve made is by making it become deflationary and stake-able, and all was made possible through our Smart Contract Protocol. To venture into cryptocurrencies, early adopters will always have a huge advantages, based on the facts that the higher the rewards and so the risks. If you’ll find our ideas and visions interesting, then you are very much welcome to join our community.

No, it’s not. Bitcoinrocket’s Ecosystem aim to become one of the best and most innovative platform when it comes to decentralized world. We love to make unique and useful projects in the future, so stay tune. 

You can buy $BTCR token on pancakeswap using your trust wallet or metamask wallet.  Here is our official Smart Contract address: 0x0c4253706d69efa475d05674e810805c6e7da238

We don’t promise everybody for a lambo, but, If $BTCR mooned and your holdings appreciated in value and have given you enough profit then you could surely buy your lambo. Technically, $BTCR is limited in supply just like Bitcoin and it is very possible to increase in value overtime given that fact that we have a unique use cases and great project to back it up. When it moons it will give you whatever things you’d love to buy base on your holding. Just be patient, be strong hands, and help us fueling our rocket going to the moon.



By purchasing $BTCR Token, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although Bitcoinrocket is a community driven Decentralized Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and are not investments.

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